Seneye Power Adaptor for USB Devices

Seneye Power Adaptor for USB Devices

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The Seneye USB Power Adapter (US) offers flexibility for those who don’t wish to have their Seneye device constantly connected to a PC.

Use this convenient USB adapter to power the Seneye Home, Pond, or Reef monitor kits whenever it’s not connected to a computer. When powered by the USB Power Adaptor, readings are stored every hour, and if the water parameters are reading at toxic levels, the warning lights will display on your Seneye device. Simply reconnect the Seneye device to your PC, which has the Seneye connect application installed, and all stored readings are automatically uploaded into your personal dashboard.


  • Connects directly to all seneye devices
  • Convenient USB-based adapter allows the seneye devices to work without being connected to a PC, test results are stored in device memory.
  • Plugs into a wall outlet
  • Requires no other connector or cable
  • Compatibility: with other USB devices
  • US plug type