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Seneye Spectra

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The Seneye Spectra device is a submersible single nanometer spectrometer that provides accurate underwater light measurements. Not only PAR but, more importantly, spectrum. The Seneye Spectra can be used underwater and delivers spectrum data to 1nm precision!


Biologically Optimize Your Lighting

For many corals, light energy is the most essential part of their growth strategy, with many depending on light for up to 95% of their energy requirements. The Seneye Spectra will give you the following:

  • Nanospectrometer device with a 400 - 730nm range and 1nm resolution. Fitted with a cosine corrector and is fully submersible.
  • Displays for PAR, PUR, kelvin, and color average.
  • Data logging and export.
  • Software application for viewing spectral readings and understanding what this means for your target biological environment.
  • Choose coral, plant, or animal species to check ideal placement and spectrum.
  • Factory customizable spectral response curve analysis.

Slick User Interface

Installation and setup take just a few minutes, with or without the internet. Our software comes on a handy USB drive and can be updated over the internet anytime. You'll be able to take professional measurements in no time at all on-site, in-store, or at home with a laptop or windows tablet with a USB port.


Easily View All Parameters

Select the spectral response curve of the desired pigment, change the light settings to suit, then select the species of coral or plant to ensure the suitability of its placement. As our user base grows, as will our species data as we can incorporate additional response curves and optimal PUR settings.

Top Quality

Spectra has been built to withstand the elements and is fully corrosion-proof with a replaceable cosine corrector.