Seneye Pond V6 Monitor Kit

Seneye Pond V6 Monitor Kit

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The intelligent Seneye Pond V6 equipment and software monitor the pond day and night, alerting you before a problem occurs. Key features include: 

  • Monitor water temperature
  • Monitors the highly toxic free ammonia (NH3) at very low levels
  • Monitors pH in your pond water between 6.4 and 9. This range is ideal for most aquatic life.
  • Includes float accessory


The Seneye Devices are USB; therefore, multiple connection options are available. Place the seneye directly in a filter or float it in a pond. The Seneye Pond is suitable for any sized pond.



  • Automatically tests multiple life-critical parameters
  • Compatible with any sized pond
  • Easy to install, simply float it in your pond or place it inside the filter
  • Alerts you before there is a problem
  • Get alerts however you want; flashing lights, email, SMS*
  • Upload results to the Internet and receive recommendations*
  • USB connection with multiple connection options, including optional USB power adaptor

*some features require seneye+


System Requirements:

  • Windows PC with internet connectivity running Windows 7, 8, 10 32/64bit - Not compatible with Belkin Base and virtual USB extenders.
  • Full speed USB 1.0 port
  • Minimum 1Ghz processor and 128mb RAM
  • Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 9.0+, Firefox 4.0+, Safari 4.0+
  • Download of seneye connect application required from