Aquatop High Clarity Glass Cube 2.11 Gallon

Aquatop High Clarity Glass Cube 2.11 Gallon

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Constructed of low iron glass with a 91% light-through rate, the view from this high clarity cube is outstanding. This desktop cube is ideal for a planted nano tank or to create a home for tiny creatures such as micro shrimp, snails, guppies and of course the fabulous fighting betta. The workmanship on these high clarity glass cubes separates the series from ordinary fish tanks. There are no plastic frames to obstruct your view and each unit is has polished beveled edges for a higher aesthetic balance. High-grade German silicone bonds the cubes tightly yet matches the glass to give the cube a truly seamless appearance.

 High clarity glass for an enhanced viewing experience
 Low iron glass with a 91% light-through rate
 Polished beveled edges
 High-grade German silicone for a seamless appearance
 For both salt and freshwater systems

 Dimensions: 7.87" x 7.87" x 7.87"
 Capacity: 2.11 Gallons
 Glass Thickness: 5mm



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