Aquarium Heaters

Aquarium Heaters

Benefits of Fish Tank Heaters

Top-quality fish tank heaters are essential in saltwater fish tanks. Inconsistent temperature fluctuations can cause a lot of problems with fish and some corals. Fish tend to become uneasy in their living environment when the temperature isn’t consistent, causing the fish to act erratically.

The most effective way to put your underwater critters at ease is to use your aquarium water heater and keep it within 2 degrees relative to the temperature when the lights are on. For example, if your tank is at 78 degrees with the lights shining bright, your incline aquarium heater should keep the temperature in the tank between 76–80 degrees. Also, make sure your saltwater aquarium heater has between three to five watts for every gallon. Fish Tanks Direct will assist you in finding the most ideal fish tank heaters for your aquarium.

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