Neptune Systems Apex Lunar Simulator Module (LSM)

Neptune Systems Apex Lunar Simulator Module (LSM)

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The Neptune Systems Apex Lunar Simulator Module (LSM) can be used with any Neptune Systems Apex LSM Lunar LED Strings. The LSM Lunar LED Strings must be purchased separately. This product will only work with Neptune Systems Apex, Apex Lite and Apex Jr systems AquaControllers.

Moonlight in the ocean is believed to be as significant as the time spent in full daylight. Moonlight triggers various internal and external biological activities among the many thousands of reef organisms. Many corals continue to grow under moonlight conditions and for some fish and coral it is important for the reproductive process. Also, night predators come out and cruise, while prey go into hiding.

The other benefit of moonlights is that it extends the time you can enjoy your aquarium and in a totally different way. We all like to go to our tank with a flashlight and see whats going on, but it can often startle many creatures and send them into hiding. With a moonlight, your tank has just enough light for you to see many of the fascinating things going on in the aquarium after the main lights go down.

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