Neptune Systems LED Light

Neptune Systems LED Light

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Neptune Systems conceived of an LED light that would blanket the reef with a filtered, homogenous source of energy, simulating the spread of the bright morning sun. During the day, this Neptune LED light supply will grow in a natural, harmonious manner, much like a genuine reef does throughout its natural light-dark cycle. In essence, Neptune lights can offer your aquarium natural, life-sustaining illumination to perfectly support reef tanks. The perfect example is the SKY, which is a 200-watt LED aquarium light that uses a unique diffuser design to mix 104 LEDs into an evenly blended field of coral-friendly illumination.

The GRO is a specialized 20W LED lamp that uses a particular light spectrum to optimize photosynthesis in several forms of ubiquitous macroalgae (such as Chaetomorpha). You’ll find that our range of Neptune lights gives you so many options to create the ideal aquarium environment.  

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