Kolar Filtration Crystal Cal Carbon 300 g

Kolar Filtration Crystal Cal Carbon 300 g

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Product Description

  • HIGH QUALITY: Laboratory grade, granular, sub-bituminous, activated carbon
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER: True liquid phase carbon removes pollutants for crystal clear water in your aquarium
  • RINSE BEFORE USE: Rinse to remove any dust from shipping for crystal clear water when using
  • SAFE FOR ALL AQUARIUMS: Works in salt water & freshwater aquariums, ponds, and more
  • MADE IN USA: Family owned and operated; produced entirely in the USA


This is a true liquid phase granular activated carbon, developed to clarify aquarium water specifically for Kolar Labs. Beware of cheap pelletized carbon that is made for air purification and not for water. This is a 4x12 mesh carbon with very low dust, with Reef Aquarium quality, at a very affordable price. For use in reactor, media bag, or canister filter. NOTE: NSF certified material but product is not shipped for human consumption.