IceCap K1-130 Protein Skimmer

IceCap K1-130 Protein Skimmer

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The IceCap K1-130 is a remarkably compact skimmer that offers a new level of refined filtration for marine aquariums ranging from 80 to 140 gallons. All aspects of the skimmer were implemented to surpass many challenges other skimmers on the market miss out on.

For aquariums up to:

  • 140 gallons, light bio load
  • 100 gallons, medium bio load
  • 80 gallons, heavy bio load

In-sump installation only

  • EVair 400 skimmer pump
  • Distinctive turbulence reducing body
  • Footprint: 5.6" X 7.3", 19" tall
  • Solid PVC & acrylic construction
  • Bubble dispersant chamber
  • Novel pipeless output valve
  • Recommended sump water height: 6" to 8"