3 Reasons Why Dentist Offices Have Fish Tanks

Nov 9th 2021

3 Reasons Why Dentist Offices Have Fish Tanks

3 Reasons Why Dentist Offices Have Fish Tanks

FishTanksDirect on Nov 9th 2021

You go in for your annual teeth cleaning and spot a clownfish staring back at you in the waiting room. It seems like there’s often an aquarium in dental offices, no matter what dentist you go to.

Have you ever wondered why that is? Continue reading to discover three reasons why dentist offices have fish tanks.

Fish Tanks Have a Calming Effect

People—children especially—find dentist appointments stressful and anxiety inducing. We might conjure images of power drills and metal scrapers pressing into our teeth and gums in our minds. However, when you walk inside the dentist's office and see fish floating around, you can feel less stressed.

The waters inside have a soothing effect, helping you relax and letting your worries escape you. Children will quickly forget their fears and look in awe at the decorative rocks and plants inside.

Fish Tanks Entertain Patients While They Wait

We've all undoubtedly become stuck in the waiting room far past our scheduled appointment time. The truth is that it can be hard to predict how long each person's session will last, and that can leave others biding their time until their turns arrive.

Many patients can suddenly find themselves entranced by the fish darting around their homes. When those colorful creatures grab your attention, you're likely to forget how long you've been waiting for your dentist.

Fish Tanks Project a Sense of Health and Professionalism

You're bound to notice when a fish tank is spotless and well maintained. The conditions of an aquarium can reflect the competency and skill of the dentists and their staff members.

The presence of lively and colorful fish in a tank conveys a sense of health and happiness. This projection may be completely unconscious, but it can help give you more confidence that you're making the right choice for your body as a patient. Furthermore, a tidy tank shows that you can trust your dentist with your teeth.

Knowing the three reasons why dentist offices have fish tanks can help explain a mystery you might have wanted to know the answers to for a while. It can also help you design your own office in the future. Let the professionals at Fish Tank Direct design install a built-in aquarium for you that will be a fantastic focal point for any room. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.