ASF Nitrate Test Kit

ASF Nitrate Test Kit

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  • This test kit is designed for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, ponds, and turtle enclosures.

  • The kit provides fast, easy, and accurate measurements.

  • These kits include an easy to read color chart so that the results are clear.

  • Multiple tests are included in the kit, so you can test when you need to.

  • These tests are manufactured and quality-tested in Europe.

Get an accurate read of the NO3 levels of your aquarium with the ASF SEATEST NO3- (Nitrate) Fish Aquarium Water Test Kit. In high concentrations, NO3 can produce a toxic environment for fish and other animal life. Uneaten food, waste, and other factors can contribute to the development of ammonia and nitrite, followed by a further breakdown into nitrate. In low concentrations, this is not dangerous but the nitrite value of your aquarium or pond should not exceed 20 mg/L. Monitoring is key in all stages of aquarium and pond life, but it is especially important in the set-up phase, when filter bacteria have not been developed.