ASF Calcium Test Kit

ASF Calcium Test Kit

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  • This test kit is designed for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, ponds, and turtle enclosures.
  • The kit provides fast, easy, and accurate measurements.
  • Each kit includes a micro-syringe to ensure accurate testing.
  • Multiple tests are included in the kit, so you can test when you need to.
  • These tests are manufactured and quality-tested in Europe.

Get an accurate read of the Calcium levels of your aquarium with the ASF SEATEST Ca2+ (Calcium) Fish Aquarium Water Test Kit. Calcium is a vital part of every marine aquarium. Many corals, invertebrates, and even red calcareous algae consume calcium to help build their skeleton. This kit will help you monitor calcium levels to prevent irregular growth, and ultimately, help you to promote the stability of the water in your aquarium. The ideal range for the amount of calcium in your tank is between 400 - 450 mg/L.