Aqua Ultraviolet SL 100 Watt White 3" UV Sterilizer

Aqua Ultraviolet SL 100 Watt White 3" UV Sterilizer

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Fresh Water Pond Clarifier***
Gallons Max Flow GPH
Size Fresh Water Pond Sterilier in Gallons
30,000 uw/cm2 (EOL) GPH
45,000 uw/cm2 (EOL) GPH
60,000 uw/cm2 (EOL) GPH
75,000 uw/cm2 (EOL) GPH
90,000 uw/cm2 (EOL) GPH
** Salt Water Tank Gallons
20000 10000
8500 - 13000



The Aqua Ultraviolet SL 100 Watt White 3" UV Sterilizer is ideal for large commercial or residential ponds, aquariums, and water features. SL’s are engineered to accommodate high flow rates and varying water temperatures. The single chamber design is easy to handle, install and maintain. Used as a sterilizer, the SL 100 Watt UV is the premium choice for a 8,500 to 13,000 gallon pond or a saltwater aquarium up to 900 gallons. Used as a clarifier, the SL 100 Watt can treat up to 20,000 gallons of fresh water that has 50% to 75% plant coverage.


  • A pump is a required. For proper flow rates for your application consult the Installation Manual.
  • Dimensions: 38-3/4" X L x 10-1/2" H X 5-1/4"
  • Inlet: 3" slip, Outlet: 3" slip
  • Comes with one 100W bulb
  • White
  • Housing: Limited lifetime warranty on housing against Ultraviolet degradation. Complete Unit: One year from date of purchase or 18 months from manufacturing date
  • Controls algae, bacteria & protozoa
  • Clears water in 3-5 days, sometimes overnight