SpectraPure MaxCap D-1 Retro Kit 1 Station

SpectraPure MaxCap D-1 Retro Kit 1 Station

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The SpectraPure MaxCap D-1 Retro Kit 1 Station is for upgrading an existing 4-stage RODI to the SpectraPure MaxCap RODI.


  • SpectraPure Model MC-DI-1-10
  • Housing
  • Mounting bracket
  • MaxCap DI Cartridge
  • Dual-Probe TDS Meter (Determines when the MaxCap DI TM Cartridge is exhausted. When the output TDS exceeds 75% of the input TDS, change the Cartridge.)
  • Universal Filter Wrench
  • User Manual (pdf file in new window)

The MAXCAP DI cartridge has 3.5 times more capacity than any other Mixed-Bed or Hi-Silica removal deionizing cartridge. When installed upstream of your existing DI cartridge, the life of your downstream DI will increase significantly. This incredible breakthrough in DI cartridge technology will reduce your costs to produce DI water by over 50%.

In many applications, the MAXCAP DI (DI-MC-10) is installed up-stream of a Mixed-Bed or Hi-Silica removal cartridge. For example, if the RO water entering the MAXCAP DI has 20 ppm TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), the original DI cartridge may process about 400 gallons of pure DI water. By placing a MAXCAP DI cartridge in front of the original cartridge, 1200 gallons of water will pass through both cartridges before the MAXCAP DI is exhausted. The original DI cartridge will be only one-third exhausted. A second MAXCAP DI will process another 1200 gallons and the original cartridge will now be two-thirds exhausted. Only after a third MAXCAP DI cartridge processes another 1200 gallons will the original cartridge finally become fully exhausted. That's 3600 gallons purified with only 4 (3 MAXCAP DI + 1 Mixed-Bed) cartridges, not 9 (9 x 400 = 3600).