Sicce MicraPlus Pump 158 Gph

Sicce MicraPlus Pump 158 Gph

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Sicce Micra Plus Aquarium Water Pumps are completely submersible recirculation pumps for every type of aquarium, terrarium, internal or external fountain, landscaping construction, and for any application which requires the recirculation of water. Built in accordance with the most strict international safety standards, the pumps are easy to maintain and have incredible small dimensions for their elevated performance and reliability. The entire line is provided with a variable flow rate regulator as well as adaptors to connect flexible hoses from 13mm to 20mm. The compact dimensions of these pumps, make them ideal for use in small spaces.

Pump Dimensions: 43mm x 57mm x 52mm

Outlet: 13mm

Outlet Tube Adapter Size: 1/2" or 3/8"

158gph adjustable flow rate

2.8 feet shut off

6 watts/ 120 volts

CE & UL listed

2 year guarantee

Stainless steal shaft

available with 6' bipolar or grounded cord

fully submersible

interchangeable sponge filter

tubing adapter for rigid or flexible tubing included