Sicce Mi Mouse 82 Gph

Sicce Mi Mouse 82 Gph

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Sicce Mi Mouse is a aquarium water pump with excellent performance. Ideal for use in small spaces thanks to its compact dimensions. A totally submersible pump driven by a permanent magnet induction motor. Mi Mouse has variable adjustment of the water flow rate. The Mi Mouse is equipped with a fixed water outlet pipe 10mm high, with an external diameter of 13mm. Ideal for indoor fountains, aquariums, and tortoise tanks. The pump is fitted with vibration-dampening rubber pads that make it run quiet. Pump Dimensions: 42mm x 58.5mm x 46mm

Outlet: 13mm

Outlet Tube Adapter Size: 3/8"

82gph with flow regulator

1.8 feet shut off

6.2 watts/ 120 volts

CE & UL listed

2 year guarante

stainless steel shaft

fully submersible

flow regulator in all models

available with 6' bipolar or grounded cord