Seachem PhosGuard 4 Liter

Seachem PhosGuard 4 Liter

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Seachem PhosGuard rapidly removes phosphate and silicate from marine and freshwater aquaria. It is not recommended for phosphate buffered freshwater. PhosGuard is highly porous for high capacity and bead-shaped for optimum water flow.

  •  Phosphate/silicate control
  • Use 250 ml for every 75 gallons. Leave product in place for 4 days, then test phosphate or silicate concentrations. If the concentration of the component you are trying to decrease has not dropped to around 0.02 mg/L, then replace the PhosGuard, otherwise leave in place until levels begin to climb again. As long as concentrations remain under control, the product is not exhausted.
  • Each 500 ml of PhosGuard treats over 150 gallons (i.e. will remove up to 30 mg/L phosphate in 150 gallons of water, depending on the initial phosphate/silicate concentrations and the current biological load.