Ruby Reef HydroPlex NANO 8oz

Ruby Reef HydroPlex NANO 8oz

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HYDROPLEX is an extremely broad spectrum dip for new arrivals. A simple 10 minute dip is all it takes to
eliminate problems which can be brought on by fish being introduced into the display tank.Due to its excellent penetrative properties, HYDROPLEX will remove any and all active parasites, bacteria,fungus and other organisms attached to or embedded in the flesh, gill tissues, attending vasculature and surrounding structures it comes in contact with in just a 10 minute dip. HYDROPLEX also helps to heal open wounds and can be used effectively in hospital and quarantine tanks. NOT FOR USE IN DISPLAY TANK

HYDROPLEX when used as a dip for new arrivals is added 1 oz per quart of aquarium water for 10 minutes. HYDROPLEX can also be used in hospital tanks at 2 oz per 5 gallons and leave the fish in it for 1.5 to 2 hours. HYDROPLEX BN when used as a treatment for new arrivals will allow treatment of your new betta fish in the container you purchased with the fish from the store. Add one capful (6ml) of HYDROPLEX FOR BETTA FISH in that container with 12 oz of water.Leave the fish in this container while you acclimate the water in the aquarium tank for 2 hours and then place the fish in the display tank. HYDROPLEX FOR BETTA FISH can also be used in a quick dip with 2 oz per 12 oz of aquarium water for 10 minutes.