Reef Octopus OCTO 36A Sump

Reef Octopus OCTO 36A Sump

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Reef Octopus OCTO 36A Sump - #CV25207

The Reef Octopus OCTO 36A Sump is attractively designed, and has the versatility and features you need. They’re built to last. Each Octo Reef sump is hand-built from solid acrylic for years of trouble-free service. They’ve got you covered with plenty of room for your skimmer and return pump, and they also feature a built-in ATO reservoir.

One of the standout features is the filter sock compartment. Of course, if you want to run standard 4 inch filter socks, you definitely can, but if you’re looking to upgrade to a lower-maintenance option like one of the new Klir rollermat filters, OCTO Sumps have been designed with this in mind. The filter sock chamber has been built with an overflow designed for operation with the Klir Drop In Automatic 4" Fleece Filter.

Another hobbyist-friendly feature is the ability to adjust the water level in the sump. All OCTO Sump models have the ability to adjust the water depth inside from 5.1” all the way up to 9”. This makes it super easy to set the right depth for your protein skimmer to perform optimally without the need to buy a separate stand to raise it.


  • Reef Octopus red color accents (matches other Reef Octopus products)
  • Solid acrylic construction
  • Adjustable water depth from 5.1” to 9”
  • Dedicated protein skimmer (and/or reactor) chamber
  • Dedicated return pump chamber
  • Dedicated freshwater reservoir with lid for ATO
  • Bubble-diffusing intake chamber with lid
  • Built to accommodate roller filter mats like the Klir Drop In Automatic 4" Fleece Filter


  • Dimensions: 35.83"L x 18.11"W x 15.75"L
  • Skimmer Section: 16.97"L x 16.14"W
  • Return Pump Section: 11.8"L x 8.6"W
  • ATO Volume: 6.6 gallons
  • Adjustable Water Level: 5.1" to 9"
  • Drain Input Fittings: 2
  • Drain Size: 1"
  • Filter Socks: 2
  • Filter Sock Size: 4"