Python No Spill & Clean & Fill 75 Ft.

Python No Spill & Clean & Fill 75 Ft.

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Python 75 Ft No Spill Clean And Fill Information

No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System:

Works with your kitchen faucet to siphon water from your tank directly into the sink. No buckets required! Refills the tank with water from the faucet (freshwater only) for ultra-quick water changes.

Python products are manufactured with only the highest quality FDA approved materials. It consists of UV stabilized, non-porous tubing which eliminates the possibility of adding dangerous chemical toxins into your tank.

With its efficient 7 to 1 suction ratio, cleaning your tank uses about the same amount of water as flushing your toilet.
  • Cut your aquarium maintenance time in half!
  • Complete, ready-to-use system
  • No buckets, no siphons, no mess!
  • No tank tear downs EVER again!