Pisces Alpine Jade Rock 40lb

Pisces Alpine Jade Rock 40lb

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Pisces Alpine Jade Rock 40lb - #00177


Add mystery and intrigue to your aquascape with Pisces USA Aquarium Alpine Rock. The rare and unique patterns of reflective jade and smoky silvers form a one-of-a-kind element that will transform your tank into a completely different art form. Your finned friends will look exceptional as their colors pop in front of the layered schist that creates a whole new backdrop for their daily swim. Whether you are using a light or dark substrate, these natural and pure hand-collected rock formations will look terrific in your tank.


Key Benefits

  • Hand collected for your one-of-a-kind aquascape.
  • Each piece represents a precious part of the Southern Alps of New Zealand.
  • Rare and unique patterns decorate all sides of the schist.
  • Inert rock is a natural and pure element to use to style your tank.
  • These wonders of nature are safe for use in any aquarium.