Neptune MXM Mobius Expansion Module

Neptune MXM Mobius Expansion Module

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The new Neptune MXM Mobius Wireless Control Module will allow users to integrate and manage Ecotech Marine and Aqua Illumination equipment using an Apex Controller. Use the Apex Fusion interface to control pumps like VorTech, Vectra, and Nero as well as lights like Radions, Hydras, Prime and more!


  • Wirelessly controls Mobius compatible EcoTech Radions, Vectras, and Vortechs


  • Wirelessly controls Mobius compatible AquaIllumination Hydras, Primes, Blades, and Neros


  • Each MXM has the ability to connect up to twenty-five different Mobius compatible devices


  • Additional MXMs can be utilized to connect more compatible devices


  • The MXM has two Aquabus connections for flexibility in connecting the MXM to an Apex system


  • The MXM is powered by the Apex’s Aquabus; no separate power supply is needed.


  • Comes with 3′ AquaBus cable


  • Fully upgradeable— MXM firmware can be updated for feature enhancement


  • LED Status indicator and wireless status indicator


  • Compatible with all A2 and A3 Apex Systems