Neptune 15" Liquid Level Sensor with Clip Mount

Neptune 15" Liquid Level Sensor with Clip Mount

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Never before offered in the aquarium industry the LLS Sensors allow for the measurement of water depth in inches or centimeters. Available in four different sizes- 4″, 15″ 23″ and 35″ each sensor has a special place in helping understand the water level in the sump, aquarium, reservoirs, and other liquid-holding containers. No longer does one need to physically look to observe how much water level is above or below a specific point, but now simply open the Apex Fusion app and observe.

LLS may be used with any A2 Apex equipped with a FMM, or with any A3 Apex using either the embedded FMM ports or with a separate FMM. LSS are not backward compatible with A1 Apexes (Apex Classic models).