Maxspect XF330 Gyre Flow Pump w/ Controller

Maxspect XF330 Gyre Flow Pump w/ Controller

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The Maxspect XF330 Gyre Flow Pump w/ Controller is the pinnacle of pump design, performance and control. This third generation version incorporates all of the amazing features of the original Gyre pumps and improves on them. You can add a second Maxspect XF330 Gyre Flow Pump Only and have the two XF330 Gyres controlled with the same Controller.

The XF330 features five Controllable flow modes (constant speed, pulsing, gradual pulsing, alternating backward and forwards & random) to create complex flow and wave motion in your aquarium. 24 hour control. Also has 10 minute feed button. The controller is backwards compatible and will work with all earlier versions of the Gyre.


  • Max Flow 2,350 gph
  • 5~35 watts
  • For aquariums from 25 to 100+ gallons
  • Applicable for glass or acrylic aquariums up to 1/2 in.


  • XF330 Pump
  • Gyre 300 Series Controller
  • Power supply with cable
  • Spare bushings
  • Flow directors & protective mesh covers