Flow Pumps

Flow Pumps

Flow pumps are an important part of your aquarium health. Poor water flow in the aquarium can lead to "dead zones" which can harbor fish and excess food waste that can decompose and lead to higher nitrates. Utilizing one or more flow pumps in a tank will help keep waste from settling in those "dead zones" and your filter will be able to more effectively keep up with waste.

Aquarium flow pumps come in a few styles. Wave Makers, Circulation pumps, and powerheads. All move water around the tank they just do it differently from each other.

-Wave Makers are by far the most popular as they offer superior control over the pumps. Wave Makers can typically be controller via WIFI or Blutooth applications using a smart phone to allow you to program a wide variety of options such as power, timers, reverse flow, and pulse to name a few.

-Circulation Pumps are similar to wave makers without all the fancy control, They are basic water movers that utilize a propeller style impeller for improved water movment over traditional powerhead designs.

-Powerheads are a standard small pump that use classic impellers and often have a few attachments to direct flow. Some even come with other attachments to use them as pumps for equiptment like reactors and skimmers.

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