Marineland Magniflow 220 Canister Filter

Marineland Magniflow 220 Canister Filter

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The Marineland Magniflow 220 Canister Filter is an upgraded version of the C-Series 220 Canister Filter from Marineland. The new design forces water to pass through the filter media trays and not around them. A new easier to remove top with top sealing gasket provides for a better seal and even less chance of leakage. These canisters use large stack n' flo media trays for the different stages of media. The first stage uses Two Rite-Size S Filter Foam Pads to act as mechanical filters; the next stage uses Black Diamond Carbon in filter bags for chemical filtration. The last stage includes Bio-Balls to provide massive surface area for the nitrifying bacteria. At the very top is a Polishing Filter Pad to trap the fine debris to increase water clarity. 


  • For aquariums up to 55 gallons
  • 220 gph flow
  • Four filter trays:
    • Tray #4 Ceramic Rings
    • Tray #3 Bio-Balls
    • Tray #2 Black Diamond Carbon Bags
    • Tray #1 Two Rite-Size S Filter Foam Pads
    • Plus a Polishing Filter Pad at the top
  • Quick prime button to help start the filter once it is in place
  • Tote handles to lift out the stack n' flo media baskets while cleaning
  • A shut off valve block and quick release hose connectors that lift from the motor head during maintenance
  • Specially designed directional flow dish to ensure full flow through the canister with no by pass or channeling
  • Dimensions: 12.2" x 9.17" x 15.5"