Lifegard Lid Clips 5mm

Lifegard Lid Clips 5mm

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Lifegard Lid Clips are manufactures from high quality clear acrylic with precision injection molding to fit any tank with vertical wall thickness of  5mm, 6mm or 8mm.

Lifegard has thought of every aspect for the best fit on your lid onto you tank. Each pack includes four (4) L-Shaped lid clips. Each lid clip has one corner clip and two side clips. In case you have a long tank you will have extra clips to provide proper support.

Lifegard lid clips perfectly fit Lifegard Crystal and Clear Glass aquarium tank all rimless and All in One tanks. Use these lid clips to support the glass lid to minimize loss from jumping fish or water evaporation. The clarity of these lists is such that it does not hinder the look of your tank scape.


Part # R460090 - Lid Clip - 5mm (Set)

Part # R460091 - Lid Clip - 6mm (Set)

Part # R460092 - Lid Clip - 8mm (Set)