Koller Aqua Lift Pump

Koller Aqua Lift Pump

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Koller Aqua Lift Pump - #01137

The Koller Aqua Lift vacuum pump’s unique design lifts water with its diaphragm and flappers – pumping water up to 24” high and at a flow rate of 3 gallons per hour. Ideal for use as a dosing pump for kalkwasser, auto top offs, calcium reactors and other aquarium uses including creating siphon for CPR Aquatic Overflows. The Aqua Lift is an updated version of the popular Tom AquaLifter.

The Aqua Lift's Vacuum Pump is commonly used for applications that don't require precise dosing. They work best for dosing kalkwasser or as auto-top off pumps. This unique one-of-a-kind vacuum pump is designed to lift water with its diaphragm and flappers. There are many applications for this pump: drip system for reptile terrariums, watering device for chameleons and small frogs, circulating pump, waterfalls and dosing pumps for reef additives.

  • Max flow: 3 GPH
  • Tubing size: 1/8" airline tubing
  • Pumping height: up tto 24 inches
  • For dosing, top-off & siphon