Kessil A500X Tuna Blue LED

Kessil A500X Tuna Blue LED

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Kessil A500X Tuna Blue LED - #34522

The A500X is a powerful 185W high intensity LED designed specifically for experienced SPS coral growers. This fixture integrates the latest Dense Matrix LED technology with the proprietary Kessil Logic, and delivers a concentrated light with well blended spectrum for optimum SPS coral growth, health, and coloration. The beam of this flagship A500X can be adjusted with optional 35 and 55 degree reflectors and allow SPS corals to thrive in a variety of environments.

Many aquarium setups will require you to use more than one Kessil A500X, and you may also want to get a Spectral ControllerX, and a Gooseneck or Mounting Arm for each light. With the Spectral ControllerX you can control the intensity and color mix of the light throughout the day and night.


  • Coverage - The newly designed A500X optics along with the latest generation Dense Matrix LED array provides a broad delivery of light and eliminates shading.
  • Full-Color Spectrum - In addition to the popular Tuna Blue spectrum, users can add in Red, Green, and Purple (Violet+Indigo) by using the new Kessil Spectral Controller X or the Kessil WiFi Dongle.
  • Heat Management - The innovative heat management system enhances longevity and efficiency on all A500X lights
  • Dense Matrix LED - Kessils densely-packed LED array emits more high-quality light than competing fixtures.
  • Includes: 1x A500X Tuna Blue; 1x Power Adapter; 1x AC Adapter Cable; 1x Hanging Ring; 2x Metal Screw Hook; 2x Hanging Bracket; and 1x 55 degree Reflector

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 3.7" x 5.2" / 9.4cm x 13.3cm
  • Unit Weight: 1.72lb / 0.78kg
  • Spectrum: Tuna Blue + Red + Green + Purple
  • Power Adapter: 100-240V AC 50-60Hz (input), 48V DC (output)
  • Power Consumption: AC 185W max