IceCap Pro Turf Scrubber, Medium (IC-AGS-200PRO)

IceCap Pro Turf Scrubber, Medium (IC-AGS-200PRO)

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The IceCap Pro Turf Scrubber, Medium (IC-AGS-200PRO) uses algae as a natural water filter to remove nitrate, phosphate, and other pollutants from your aquarium water. Rather than having algae grow uncontrolled inside your display tank, an algae scrubber allows you to grow algae in a controlled setting where it can be easily removed—thereby removing contaminants from your tank in the process.

This all-natural form of water filtration can reduce the need for water changes. Best of all, with their adjustable height, these algae scrubbers reside directly in your sump! No plumbing required, no mess to make. Plug-and-play even comes with it's own IceCap EVO-1000 Feed Pump.


  • For in sump use only
  • Dimensions: 12.5" L X 6.15" W X 21" H
  • LED wattage: 24W
  • Screen size: 11.8" X 7.4"
  • Water Pump: EVO-1000 Feed Pump (20w). Max Flowrate: 500 gph.
  • Water Depth Range: 4" to 10".
  • Tank Rating: Aquariums up to 225 gallons