Algae Scrubbers

Algae Scrubbers

Aquarium Algae Scrubber

Most people think of algae in their aquarium as a nuisance, but did you know you can use it as a natural filtration system? That's precisely what the aquarium algae scrubber does.

Water rapidly passes over a roughened, illuminated surface, allowing algae to grow. The algae consumes the nutrients it needs to thrive, such as nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, and ammonium. As it does this, it naturally controls these toxins, which are harmful to your fish. The best part is that the algae can't grow in other parts of the aquarium. Once it grows on the algae scrubber, other blooms will have to compete for nutrients, and they won’t be able to keep up with the filter. So if you're ready to balance your tank's water and get rid of algae for good, Fish Tanks Direct has algae scrubbers for sale in different sizes. You can pick one that will fit your tank best.

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