Galapagos Pillow Moss 150 in

Galapagos Pillow Moss 150 in

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Galápagos’ Pillow Moss is made of soft, clumpy pillows of real moss that help style and maintain the humidity of terrariums. Pillow Moss retains moisture and releases it into the air providing a realistic environment for your pets while promoting health and hydration. This product will add a natural feeling to your terrarium and make for perfect hideouts for pets too! Pillow Moss comes in a mini bag and 4QT resealable bag.

  • Long-Lasting: Long-Fiber Pillow Moss
  • Hydrates Amphibians: Aids Shedding of Reptiles
  • Comfy! Great for Animals Looking for a Soft Bed and Enhanced Humidity
  • Sustainable: Sustainably Harvested
  • High Absorbency: Controls Tropical & Wetland Humidity
  • 150 cu in