Galapagos Eucalyptus Root Hollow Log 6"-8"

Galapagos Eucalyptus Root Hollow Log 6"-8"

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Galápagos Hollow Log Hide is the perfect shelter for both aquariums and terrariums. The porous and fibrous textures of the Eucalyptus wood attract microfauna and make ideal anchor points for growing plants and mosses. Adding the Hollow Log Hide will help create natural, stunning landscapes while providing safety and enrichment for all inhabitants.

  • For Terrariums: We recommend rinsing or soaking the wood to remove any dust or foreign material.
  • For Aquariums: We recommend presoaking natural woods in a separate tub of water and changing the water daily. This can be done for up to two weeks and will help remove excess tannins. Tannins are a non-toxic organic substance that can dye your tank water a tea color. Use a clean brush to remove any extra debris. Consider boiling the wood for one hour to sterilize before adding to your aquarium.