DrTim's Aquatics MARINE Waste-Away 8oz

DrTim's Aquatics MARINE Waste-Away 8oz

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  • Dissolves sludge and dirt
  • Gets rid of nitrates and phosphates
  • Unclogs gravel/coral beds
  • Removes hidden wastes
  • Contains no phosphates
  • 100% natural

Waste-Away sludge busting, beneficial bacteria will naturally dissolve the sludge and organics that accumulate in a reef aquarium and prevent the build-up of debris when used on a regular basis. This promotes better water quality and increases coral health.

Waste-Away is fast acting and specially formulated to remove aquarium gunk, unclog coral beds, and keep filter pads freely flowing longer which means better water flow, more oxygen, less stress and a healthier aquarium environment. Waste-Away should be used on a regular (weekly) basis to keep sludge from accumulating, which can negatively affect fish and corals.