Current USA Orbit Adjustable Tank Mount Bracket

Current USA Orbit Adjustable Tank Mount Bracket

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Compatible with Current-USA Orbit Marine, Orbit IC, Orbit Marine PRO, Satellite Plus and Satellite Plus PRO LED systems.

Sizing Recommendations:

Satellite Plus & Satellite Plus PRO:

18”,24”,36” – Requires 1 Arm Mount

48”,72” – Requires 2 Arm Mounts

Single Orbit Marine PRO:

18”,24” – Requires 1 Arm Mount

36”48” – Requires 2 Arm Mounts

72” – Requires 3 Arm Mounts

Dual Orbit Marine PRO:

2 X 24” – Requires 2 Arm Mounts

2 X 48” – Requires 3 Arm Mounts

2 X 72” – Requires 4 Arm Mounts

Orbit LED Adjustable Tank Mount Bracket

Give your sleek Orbit™ LED the look it deserves. The Orbit™ LED Adjustable tank mount bracket allows you to mount your Orbit™ IC LED, Orbit™ Marine LED or Orbit™ Marine PRO on almost any standard framed or rimless aquarium tank. The low profile aluminum arm fits up to two light fixtures front-to-back and provides 3” of vertical adjustment suspending your light up to ~5.5” above your aquarium. Easy to install, it requires no cutting or drilling and the tank mount bracket fits tanks up to 1” thick or a frame up to 1”. We recommend one arm bracket for an 18”, 24” or 36” fixture. 48” and 72” fixtures should use two arm brackets. Designed ONLY for Current-USA Orbit™ LED lights.

Model: 4193

Description: Orbit™ LED Adjustable Tank Mount Bracket

Front-to-back Slot: 10”

Vertical Slot: 3”

Fits tanks up to: 1” thick or with 1” frame

Dimensions: 2.5”W" x 7.5”H" x 15”L"

Warranty: One Year