Current USA Loop Controller Hinge Mount Bracket

Current USA Loop Controller Hinge Mount Bracket

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LOOP® Controller Hinge Mount System

Seamlessly integrate your LOOP® IC Controller and manifold HUBS into your cabinet and keep things organized with the LOOP® IC Controller hinge mount system. The system features an adjustable mounting plate with hinge, allowing you to position it for the best viewing angle, or fold it completely out of the way. The system is designed to be mounted inside your aquarium stand on the inside door or inside wall, even directly under your tank, providing easy access for adjustment. The slim and secure design is perfect for keeping your electronic components safe from water damage and out of harms way. Two additional aluminum mounting brackets are included to mount your transformers next to your LOOP® IC controller system, or in other locations. Mounting plate fits one LOOP® IC Controller and up to two manifold HUBs. Includes all installation hardware and instructions.

Model: 4197

Description: LOOP Controller Hinge Mount System

Dimensions: 8" x 5" x 5"