Brightwell Purit Complete Chemical Filtration 250mL

Brightwell Purit Complete Chemical Filtration 250mL

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Next-Generation Chemical Filtration Media for use in all Marine and Freshwater Aquaria


  • Next-generation combination of enhanced activated carbon (offering superior chemical filtration
    characteristics to traditional activated carbon) and NSF-grade ion-exchange and adsorptive resins
    to enhance removal of impurities such as chloramines, ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, silicate,
    heavy metals, and dissolved organic material from water.
  • Facilitates decomposition and oxidation/reduction reactions, enhancing oxidation-reduction
    potential (ORP), and improving water quality.
  • Improves water clarity by removing dyes and discoloration from water.
  • Eliminates odors caused by decaying organic material.
  • Removes copper from medicated systems. Removes lead and other heavy metals.
  • Completely safe for use in all reef, mixed-reef, fish-only, community, and planted aquaria.