Brightwell Boost pH+ 250mL

Brightwell Boost pH+ 250mL

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Brightwell Boost pH+ 250mL - #01310

FIRST, please read this entire page! Boost pH is designed to be used as needed. Although it can be dosed, there can be difficulties with dosing, if you don't understand the pitfalls (see Pitfalls section below). pH is a measurement of the acidity of a solution, such as aquarium water. The pH of natural seawater ranges from approximately 8.2 - 8.4, however maintaining pH in the range of 8.4 - 8.5 on a daily basis is thought to have a positive effect on captive marine organism growth rate, primarily in stony corals. Also may help prevent bleaching, boost immune response and assist in coloration. To maintain a stable pH within the desired range, the alkalinity must first be maintained within a range of 7.5 - 10.0 dKH (2.7 - 3.6 meq/L). Aquaria with low circulation at the water’s surface, or in which a CO2-injected calcium reactor is being employed, or which are placed in an enclosed room with human and animal inhabitants (giving off CO2 into the air), often have a depressed pH due to carbon dioxide build up. In an aquarium which has a proper alkalinity as stated above, Boost pH+, along with other measures, such as providing outside air to the skimmer intake and other CO2 control methods, can help to bring pH in the aquarium back into a higher desired range without raising alkalinity to an unacceptable level. Use as directed and do not exceed a pH value of 8.5, because pH at 8.6 or higher may be stressful and/or damaging to sensitive aquarium inhabitants. Additionally, changes to pH should be made very gradually, again to avoid stressing aquarium inhabitants. See suggestions for adjusting alkalinity below. It is not unusual for pH to fluctuate throughout the course of 24-hours between seemingly wide-ranging values (i.e. lower at night higher during the middle of the day); this is a natural occurrence that is caused by changes in the rates of photosynthesis between dark and light periods. If pH levels are seen to be constantly below the desired level and alkalinity is within the proper range, then the addition of Boost pH+, this product, may be very helpful if the hobbyist has already properly adjusted the alkalinity and it is within recommended ranges. If comparing pH to determine how Boost pH+ is working, measure at the same time every day.