Tips for Improving the Water Circulation in Your Aquarium

Aug 12th 2022

Tips for Improving the Water Circulation in Your Aquarium

Tips for Improving the Water Circulation in Your Aquarium

Fish Tanks Direct on Aug 12th 2022

Water circulation allows nutrients to move through your tank. Water circulation kicks up waste particles so that the filter can collect them. In addition, it stirs up and oxygenates the water. Your tank continues to maintain the proper oxygen levels thanks to this system. If you're concerned with your tank's water flow, here are a few tips for improving the water circulation in your aquarium.


Wavemakers are a popular way to increase water circulation while mimicking the natural environment your fish would normally live in. They can make laminar or uni-direction currents and are a great workout for river fish. Just be sure that your wave maker isn't making it difficult for your fish to swim around. If you see them struggling, it might be a good idea to turn the power down or try a different method. You'll also want to keep the shape of your tank in mind, as geometric tanks, such as the ones on hexagon tank stands, need wavemakers pointed in particular directions to avoid fish or debris getting pushed into corners.

Water Pumps

Water pumps are a gentler way to provide water circulation and are great for tanks with smaller or weaker fish. They are particularly useful for large tanks, as larger wavemakers can be expensive. Water pumps are easy to come by, making them more accessible if you need more than one or if one breaks. In addition, they can be combined with wavemakers if you want the circulation with the directional flow.

Pumps and Air Stones

While air pumps and air stones aren't designed for water circulation, they can do a lot of good when combined. The bubbles they produce break surface tension and allow gas to move. However, this isn't ideal for large tanks because the oxygen won’t evenly distribute this way. If you have a small or shallow tank, then definitely give this method a try. If you're concerned this method isn't enough on its own, you can combine your air pump and air stones with a filter for extra oxygenation.

With these tips for improving the water circulation in your aquarium, you can be sure that your fish are getting the oxygen they need. Just be sure to keep the size of your tank in mind when choosing a method.