The Life-Changing Health Benefits of Aquariums

Aug 31st 2021

The Life-Changing Health Benefits of Aquariums

The Life-Changing Health Benefits of Aquariums

FishTanksDirect on Aug 31st 2021

When most people purchase an aquarium, they do it for the aesthetic value it adds to their home, but it brings other advantages. The life-changing health benefits of aquariums often go unnoticed, but they can have a calming effect that helps people relax and destress, among other things. Know the advantages to get the most out of your aquarium and ensure that everyone benefits from it.

Lowering Blood Pressure

When the body and mind are under a significant amount of stress, that can promote the release of hormones throughout the body. One of the most common symptoms of this is high blood pressure, which can damage the heart and blood vessels and cause strokes and aneurysms.

Because of the calming effect aquariums have, with the flowing water and the fish floating through it, your body can release dopamine and serotonin. This will promote better hormone regulation in the body, relaxing your heart and lowering blood pressure.

Reducing Anxiety

Along with a decrease in blood pressure, anxiety is also a common symptom of stressful or rapidly changing situations. For much the same reason, fish tanks calm the nerves when a person experiences stress. The sounds of water, the sway of the submerged plants, and the fishes’ movements relieve the body of mental tension.

Because of this calming effect, many doctor offices, hospitals, and dentists install custom aquarium tanks in waiting rooms. People can feel anxious when waiting to see medical professionals, but much of their anxiety dissipates due to the presence and characteristics of an aquarium.

Alzheimer’s patients

Among all the life-changing health benefits of aquariums, one of the most significant is its effect on individuals experiencing Alzheimer’s disease. In a study conducted by Perdue University, Alzheimer’s patients with frequent access to an aquarium display improvements in appetite, mood, alertness, and a decrease in aggressive behavior.

The Calming Nature of Aquariums

All these health advantages of owning an aquarium stem from the relaxing nature of the tank and the physiological effects it has on the body. Watching the fish go about their routine and float in the calm waters of the tank, with the low hum of the filter at work, plays a role in calming people. The effects on the body are subtle, but it is something that makes a demonstrable difference long-term.