Betta Fish Care Tips: Enriching Your Betta’s Life

Nov 7th 2022

Betta Fish Care Tips: Enriching Your Betta’s Life

Betta Fish Care Tips: Enriching Your Betta’s Life

FishTanksDirect on Nov 7th 2022

Because betta fish shouldn’t live with their own species, passive fish, or fish that match their aggression, hobbyists typically keep them alone. Some betta owners worry their pets may feel lonely or bored when isolated. Luckily, you can care for your betta fish in ways that enrich their lives.

Have the Basics

Betta fish need the basics to thrive before you can enrich their lives. In terms of the ideal tank, they need at least a few gallons, but it’ll be easier on you and them to give them a 10-gallon tank. They’ll have more room to roam, and you won’t have as much cleaning to do.

Much like any other fish, they have specific water and food requirements to keep them happy and healthy. Bettas do best in water that ranges from 76℉ to 85℉ with a pH between 6.8 and 7.5. Finally, bettas are carnivores, so you should feed them blood worms, brine shrimp, and two to three pellets to meet their protein needs. Feed them this diet twice a day to help your betta feel its best.

Aquarium Plants

Aquarium plants are an excellent tool for providing resting and hiding areas in your fish’s enclosure. While live aquarium plants are always best, plastic plants are more manageable for many owners. However, you will need to ensure there are no plastic parts that come off easily and fit in their mouths if you opt for plastic. Additionally, be wary of where you purchase your fake plants from, as some have dyes and chemicals that will leak. If you opt for live plants, java ferns, sword plants, and betta bulbs are popular and easy to care for.

Leaf Hammock

If filling your tank with plants isn’t an option, giving your bettas a leaf hammock to nap in is a fantastic alternative. You’ll want to place the hammock toward the surface so their labyrinth organ can receive enough oxygen. The betta’s large fins can make it difficult for them to stay at the surface, so a leaf hammock will allow them to rest comfortably near the top of the tank.

Floating Exercise Mirror

Bettas often think their reflection is another betta and immediately become territorial. While seeing constant reflections can cause stress, giving them access to a floating mirror for only a few minutes a day can help them engage in instinctual behaviors.

Typically, the exercise mirror will cause them to flare or stretch their fins aggressively, which releases aggression. Flaring also triggers internal muscles, alleviating constipation. Allowing them to engage in these natural behaviors keeps them happy, healthy, and regulated.

Now that you know how to care for your betta fish and enrich their lives, you’ll have the happiest betta on the block. However you decide to care for your betta fish, it all starts with a quality tank, and Fish Tanks Direct is here to help. Explore our aquarium tanks for sale to find the perfect home for your betta.