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Sea-Lab Formula 28 is a mixture of naturally occurring buffer compounds that maintains natural ocean concentrations of calcium, strontium, and all 15 essential trace elements. Calcium and strontium are well recognized nutrients, but trace elements are not as well understood. They are, however, vitally necessary to marine life in the aquarium. Paradoxically, these same elements, so essential to life, are also highly toxic. The trick is to tread the fine line between trace element starvation and trace element toxicity. Formula 28 is the first formula available to hobbyist and professionals that creates and maintains this fine balance. As elements are depleted from solution, Formula 28 delivers exactly equivalent amounts to replace them.

Since Formula 28 is fully buffered, there is a constant supply of essential trace elements and no possibility of toxic overload, so dosage and application are extremely uncritical. The blocks can be placed in any location where there is a moderate current. When the blocks are mostly dissolved, add a similar number.

SeaLab Concentrations (ppm)
Aluminum 0.01
Boron 4.6
Calcium 400.0
Chromium 0.00005
Cobalt 0.0005
Copper 0.003
Fluorine 0.3
Iodine 0.06
Iron 0.01
Manganese 0.002
Molybdenum 0.01
Nickel 0.002
Selenium 0.004
Strontium 8.0
Tin 0.002
Vanadium 0.002
Zinc 0.014

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