Aqua Illumination Lighting

Aqua Illumination Lighting

Aqua Illuminations (AI) understands that the LEDs are the heart of the light. That’s why Aqua Illumination Hydra LED lights are designed around keeping the LEDs running cool and conservatively to get the maximum efficiency and longevity out of them. 

AI LEDs run lower and cooler than the manufacturers suggested maximums to get a longer and more efficient life. This is just one of the many reasons why Aqua Illumination Hydra LEDs are such a fantastic investment for aquarists. 

The latest in technology is implemented in the design of all the parts of our products, using computational fluid dynamics software mated with extensive testing of real life prototypes we ensure the proper cooling for our LEDs from in house designed heat sinks. LEDs that are cooled properly are dramatically more efficient. Using electronic design automation software AI is able to produce electronics that not only are very efficient but also runs the LEDs properly.

Parametric optical design software is employed to design all our lenses, with this AI is has produced over 90% efficient lenses that insure the maximum amount of light is captured and dispersed evenly into your tank.

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