Auto Roller Filters

Auto Roller Filters

Aquarium Roller Filter

If you're looking for a way to filter sediment from your aquarium without having to use filtration socks, you should get an aquarium roller filter. It’ll make a perfect addition to your sump tank. Simply place the roller under the falling water of your filtration system and wait for the magic to happen. The filter will do the work for you and collect particles, debris, and detritus that muck up your tank water. Then, when the roll is out, you can easily replace it and continue to let your tank reap all the filter’s benefits.

And if you're worried about size, look no further! At Fish Tanks Direct, we sell the Bubble Magus Roller Filter and the Bubble Magus Roller Filter - Gen 2 in small, medium, and large sizes. As a result, you can easily find one that fits your sump tank.

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