AquaFX Mix-Bed DI Filter 10" x 2" (Case, 35)

AquaFX Mix-Bed DI Filter 10" x 2" (Case, 35)

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The AquaFX 1-Micron Poly-Blown Sediment Filter reduces sediment, silt, dirt, sand, scale and rust particles. 

Better Parts, Better Service!


- Poly-Blown Multi-Layer Gradient Design

- Multi-step micron rating that effectively traps particulates while extending filter life and maintaining water pressure

- 100% pure thermal-bonded polypropylene, no binders / solvents / glue

- Food grade materials, large capacity & high flow

- Manufactured to FDA Standards


  • Max. Water Temperature: 140F / 60C
  • Max. Pressure: 120PSI
  • Rating: 1 Micron

The 10 X 2  fits the AquaFX Barracuda, Dolphin, Moray, Mako, Octopus, Hammerhead, Great White, Whale Shark as well as most residential RO systems with standard 10” Canisters.

The 20X2 Inch fits the AquaFX Blue Marlin, and others

Replace every 4-6 months or when 5PSI pressure drop is observed.