AquaFX Mako RO/DI System Chloramine 100GPD

AquaFX Mako RO/DI System Chloramine 100GPD

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AquaFX Mako Reverse Osmosis Deionization System

Great for Laboratories 

The Mako is the big brother of the Barracuda and adds the following features to the Traditional Barracuda:  

  • - Dual Mix-Bed DI Cartridges for less-frequent servicing
  • - Dual-TDS Meter w/ Backlit Display


  • - Hand-built in the USA by AquaFX! 
  • - 0 TDS Water! Zero Phosphate, Ultra Pure Laboratory Grade Water Purifier 
  • - Remove Harmful Impurities from Your Water 
  • - Heavy Duty Aluminum Bracket 
  • - Quick-Disconnect Fittings (¼" OD) 

The AquaFX Barracuda RO/DI (Reverse Osmosis / Deionization) is the first choice of residential reef enthusiasts, engineered to meet the specific needs of your top off and makeup water. AquaFX is proud to have our Barracuda recognized by for being #1 pick for RO/DI's within the industry. 

The AquaFX Barracuda is offered in several flow rates from 50 GPD to 200 GPD (Gallons per Day). AquaFX furthers this great unit by allowing you to select the carbon your system uses, giving you the ability to deal with disinfectants such as Chloramine or even traditional Chlorine. The Barracuda has great appeal for every reef keeper, from the weekend hobbyist to professional service companies. Truly making AquaFX 'The Leaders in Reverse Osmosis' 


  • - 4-Stage Filtration 
  • - Stage 1 - AquaFX Premium 1-micron Sediment Filter 
  • - Stage 2 - AquaFX Chlorine Guzzler Carbon Block Pre-filter  
  • - Stage 3 - AquaFX TFC RO Membrane (made in the USA) 
  • - Stage 4 - AquaFX Mixed Bed Color Indicating Zero TDS DI resin (USA Resin) 
  • - Pressure Gauge 
  • - Quick Connect Fittings 
  • - 10" Canister Filter Wrench for easy filter changes 
  • - Heavy Duty Aluminum Mounting Bracket 
  • - Dimensions: 22.5"W (28.5"W for Chloramine Blaster Systems) x 7"D x 15.5"H (18"H for 200GPD, 19" for 300GPD)


  • - Mako RO/DI Filter and cartridges 
  • - 1/4" Hose Bib Adapter
  • - 10" Canister Filter Wrench for easy filter changes 
  • - 6 feet of supply tube, drain tube and product tube 
  • - AquaFX Instruction manual 
  • - You can add 100 GPD anytime by adding a PiggyBack Kit

* Output based on 65PSI, 77°F, 250ppm TDS water input over a 24-hour period. Lower pressure, cooler water temperature or higher TDS will reduce output. A booster pump is highly recommended if pressure is below 45 PSI.