AquaFX 3000GPD RO Membrane Commercial (4x40)

AquaFX 3000GPD RO Membrane Commercial (4x40)

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3000 GPD 4 x 40 Reverse Osmosis Membrane (4" Diameter x 40" Length)

TRUE Thin Film Composite (TFC) Commercial Reverse Osmosis Membrane.
This model is rated for 3000 Gallons per Day with a stabilized salt rejection of 98.6%.
This will fit a 4 X 40 inch Commercial RO Membrane housing.
Membrane Replacement Tip:
- the Inlet Cap fits very tightly. A rubber mallet may be used to help remove the cap. Carefully strike the Inlet Cap at a 45-degree angle around the circumference repeatedly until you can see the first of the two o-rings. From there, you should be able to remove the cap by hand by rocking the cap up and down. 
- to remove the membrane from the housing, a wrench can be used to grip the plastic inlet on the membrane. 
*Product is manufactured in USA