Algae Free Acrylic Pad in Bulk

Algae Free Acrylic Pad in Bulk

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Acrylic-Safe Scrubbing Pads for all Algae Free Cleaners

All Algae Free aquarium cleaning magnets must use acrylic-safe scrubbing pads when cleaning acrylic aquariums.

  • Each kit includes:

(3) 8.5" x 11" acrylic-safe inner scrubbing pads (makes 30 pads for all Algae Free Cleaners)

To replace the acrylic safe scrubbing pad:

1. Pull the old acrylic-safe scrubbing pad off the interior Velcro holding pad (discard if worn).

2. Cut the acrylic-safe scrubbing pad to size and place it on the Velcro holding pad.