VCA FLEX Series - Ultimate Return Line Upgrade Kit

VCA FLEX Series - Ultimate Return Line Upgrade Kit

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Red Sea Reefer™ Compatible

Plus, many other aquariums using the included Multidapter™ Universal Pipe Adapter

Kit Includes:

  • The Patented Random Flow Generator® Nozzles
    2 x 1/2in Flex-Series Random Flow Generator® Nozzles – RFG050-FLX
  • New Flex-Series Adapters
    25mm to 3/4in Pipe Adapter & the new 2530-075 Multidapter™
  • Genuine Loc-line
    3/4in to 1/2in Y Fitting and 4 Sections of genuine 1/2in Loc-Line

Includes the New Flex Series Random Flow Generator®

RFG-FLXExtremely Durable and Flexible Material
Manufactured with a reef-safe TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

Ultimate Compatibility

The Ultimate Return Line Upgrade Kit is directly compatible with wide variety of aquarium brands and models, including the aquariums listed below

  • Red Sea Reefer™ (All models - recommended for the 525 and smaller)
  • Genuine 3/4in Loc-Line fittings (this includes most custom built aquariums)
  • Red Sea MAX (Return line)
  • CADE Reef Series Aquarium
  • 25mm Metric Pipe
  • 3/4in slip or threaded bulkheads
  • 3/4in Schl40 PVC pipe elbows and socket fittings
  • 1in Schl40 PVC pipe
  • Any bulkheads or pipe socket with 25mm to 30mm inner diameter
  • MarineCost
  • and more