UltraLife Liquid Phosphate Remover

UltraLife Liquid Phosphate Remover

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Ultralife “Liquid Phosphate Remover & Control”


Liquid Phosphate Remover effectively controls and removes phosphate from an aquarium. Therefore add .25 ml of this mixture in every 8 gallons of aquarium water in order to eliminate 1 part-per million PO4. In general effectual removal of 1PPM within 24 hours is more than enough; therefore it is further recommended not to remove beyond this limit. To avoid cloudiness add to Mechanical Filter or skimmer.


This Phosphate Remover can be used in combination with Hair and Sludge Removal System by Ultralife, in order to create the best environment in your aquarium.


  • Can be used to treat 1850 Gallon water
  • Keep Out of reach of children
  • Safe for all Marine and Freshwater Tanks
  • Recommended for the Aquarium use only